Ch. O´Malley´s Seven

/ICH. Sannie’s S – Anke Noah O’Malley x Le-Vendosk‘ N Wafer’s Gossip Girl/



Narodený: 12. 5. 2012 (pes)

Tituly: Super Puppy, SK klubový víťaz mladých, SK šampión


Potomstvo: „F“ vrh v našej ch. stanici



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  1. Hello Erika. It`s`a long time a go. I hope everything is fine by you. I hope you can remember me. I„m Sannie from Denmark. I have a beautifull female „Sannie`s S – Anke Scharlett“. She is 6 generation line breed from my beautifull Shansi Bei Jing Penney. I now see that you have the lovely boy Seven. He is out off the same lines. Do you think it will be possible to make a litter with this combination.
    Lot of hugs from us
    Sannie and Keld – DK

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